Privacy Policy:

Trustified takes privacy and data security seriously. We want to be explicit in stating that we do not collect any personal data from our users. This means that we do not gather, use, share, or store any information that can be traced back to an individual.

Our primary purpose is to offer laboratory testing services for health products and supplements, with a strong emphasis on ensuring product safety and label accuracy. To fulfill this mission, we may receive requests for the analysis of specific products from the public or manufacturers/companies.

Here is how we handle data or the absence of it:

No Personal Data Collection: Trustified does not collect your name, contact information, payment details, or any other personal data.

Product Testing Requests: If you, as a member of the public or a manufacturer/company, request the analysis of a specific product, we may collect information related to that product. This typically includes details about the product in question.

Transparency in Testing: We conduct product analyses without any prior intimation to the manufacturer or company. This ensures that our testing remains unbiased and transparent.

Results Publication: The results of product analyses, whether they pass or fail, are made public on our website and other online sources. This transparency is a crucial part of our commitment to ensuring product safety and label accuracy.

Data Security: Although we do not collect personal data, we take measures to secure any product-related information that we may receive. Our focus is on maintaining the integrity of the product testing process.

Data Retention: To uphold product integrity and provide complete peace of mind, we conduct regular blind testing of products. This process helps maintain the quality and safety of the products we analyze.

In summary, Trustified’s stance on data privacy is straightforward: We do not collect, use, share, or store personal data. Our sole mission is to enhance consumer safety and well-being by ensuring the quality and accuracy of health products and supplements. We appreciate your trust in our services and value your privacy.

If you have any questions or concerns about our practices or this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us. Your satisfaction and peace of mind are of the utmost importance to us.

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